Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's About To Kick Off...

...and the broadsheets are busy talking up this year's potential winners. Part of this must be based on the previews, but part of it must be on gut instinct and therefore be of dubious reliability, but still, you assume that these people have some qualifications, know what they are talking about and their opinion may count for something. Or it could simply be a quick way of filling newspaper pages.

So, in no particular order, the Times mention Elizabeth and Raleigh (which judging by those involved just has to be worth a look), Hans Teeuwen (getting a few shouts, this bloke) and Umridge Swain, amongst 47 others; the Telegraph do a mammoth 100 reasons to go, and include Idiots Of Ants (very funny last year, for sure), Dan Antopolski (veteran, could go either way) and the ever-reliable Mark Watson; and the Guardian, always at the forefront with their coverage, again cover Teeuwen, as well as Daniel Kitson (great if a keeps control of his rambling) and John Pinette.

Lots of coverage of the Box Office woes, which as of today seem to finally be sorted; and finally one very good reason to avoid a show like a freeze-dried plague.