Sunday, June 08, 2008

It Begins...

So the programme is out, and speculation as to who this year's big names are going to be has begun in earnest. The usual suspects are present and correct - Mark Watson, Rhod Gilbert, Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, Simon Amstell... Tim Minchin's back, after sensibly taking a year off, hopefully to write some decent songs... Otis Lee Crenshaw is always worth a punt...

One of my favourite shows from last year is back - Celebrity late-night quiz show We Need Answers, hosted in a very individual but charming style by Mark Watson, Tim Key and Alex Horne.

As to new names to watch out for, The Guardian blog mentions a few - Louis CK, Dan Nightingale etc. There's also interesting-looking Theatre, and as usual the Traverse is at the forefront.

This Edinburgh Comedy Festival thing is a bit odd, is it not? Is it actually a seperate festival? No, seeing as the venues involved are still selling tickets via the Fringe Box Office. Is it marketing? Yes, probably. All it makes me do is be more determined to visit venues not included in their little club- most notably The Stand.

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